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OK Go & Challenging the Status Quo

OK Go & Challenging the Status Quo

Ok Go released their new music video this morning for their song "The One Moment" and we at Broken Anchor Design are seriously impressed! While many pop music video's seem to operate within the usual framework of lip syncing to the music, in some predictable setting with a broadway musical-esque band of backup singers and dancers, OK Go has stepped outside the box to challenge conventional creativity.

In their Behind The Scenes video they talk about the meaning of the song being about living within a single moment, and how they wanted to capture the essence of that in their video. The entire video is shot in literally a single moment, about 4-5 seconds. The video is likely shot with a PhantomFlex at well over 1000fps, attached to large robotics arm and sequenced to ultra-precise movements. The footage is then played back and a standard frame rate to match the song's length. The super slow-motion is contrasted against things like the flip book in the opening scene which creates a juxtaposition between a real-time experience and the surreal framework of slow motion. The result is a cinematic masterpiece.



At Broken Anchor Design we admire one thing above all else, creative thinking! Our vision as a company is to create amazing things, for the people, who create amazing things. While our product was not used in this production, OK Go has given us those goosebumps of excitement, that constantly remind us of exactly why we love doing what we do; so that those out there willing to challenge convention and do something different, can do so!

BONUS: While we are on the subject of creative filmmaking, we should mention that this isn't the first time OK Go has stepped outside conventional thinking to make an amazing music video. Check out last years visual mind bender for "Upside Down & Inside Out" while you're at it.




Hello Everyone

Firstly, Let me personally say thank you for visiting Broken Anchor Design and expressing interest in our new company!

I will begin by introducing myself to those of you who do not know me. My name is Josh Turner, and I am the founder of Broken Anchor Design.

I began inventing around the age of 21, when I was working towards a career as a surf and ocean photographer. This led me to begin developing and building my own underwater camera housings. The process was a lot of fun for me and allowed me to develop an aptitude for seeing where various products could be improved and helped to hone my skills in engineering and product development. Around the age of 24 I finished what I thought was going to be my first commercially available product in a carbon fibre water housing. While the business did not quite develop, I had in my own way left a mark on the industry in developing the first water housing with an integrated focus assist button in the grip, which is currently in use by companies like Essex and Aquatech water housings.

This is where the fire really began, and I adapted my mindset to critiquing various products across a wider product gamut. As my interests developed in the filmmaking world I saw an opportunity for a follow focus lens gear that would free the world of a lot of the challenges with current products. Thus the concept for Zero was born. Filmmakers needed a lens gear that was truly universal in size and fit every lens in their kit. We needed a gear that was instant to install, and improved workflow and efficiency. We needed a gear that was seamless and had a full 360º operational ability.

There has been a multi-year gap between the water housing days and today. There were many years spent working long shift work in remote places to earn the business capital to get started and develop a truly innovative product. About a year ago we finally got started and today have a finished product, designed, manufactured and tested, ready to hit the market. Being that this initial post is more of a personal anecdote than anything else, I have to relay my excitement and say that I am truly proud of what has been accomplished to this point and I cannot wait to finally unveil the world's most innovative follow focus gear. Our patents will be finished this week and so you can all expect the public release early next week. It will be worth the wait I promise!

In the mean time have a look at our packaging that arrived last week! The packaging is good but I guarantee the product is better. The future of Broken Anchor Design promises to continue on this path. Like a ship with a broken anchor we push to challenge the status quo, redefine the limits and continue to push for new horizons.

Thank You and please join our mailing list to stay informed!

Josh Turner,

Broken Anchor Design