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Production Progress

Production Progress

Production is underway and coming along well.

We spent some time in the shop with our manufacturers last week and are very excited to see Zero coming along so well. Everything is on schedule for shipping in march. The guys are working hard and have incredible talent in CNC manufacturing, ensuring all the parts are within the tight tolerances and finishing requirements we need to deliver a truly beautiful product. The parts are coming out amazingly well. Here is a quick little video we shot on our Phones(sorry for the poor quality).

Production Update from Josh Turner on Vimeo.

If you look closely you will see how many little features are required on the interior of the parts to create a product that is free of any seams. It was a legitimate challenge in the design process to capture everything internally. The nested tension mechanism and clamping arms all all fit inside the two halves that are joined with a dovetail groove that creates an insanely smooth rotational operation. This is a photo of the prototypes so you can see just how detailed the internals are. Every little cut and feature is created for specific purposes.

Zero is on it's way to being in your hands and we can't wait to see the amazing things you will create with our gear.

Happy Shooting



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Feb 06, 2017 • Posted by Toufek

You have made a spelling mistake that look pretty bad.. instead of writing “with OUR gear” you wrote “withOut gear”…

Not the kind of arguments we expect when we put down some money for a pre-order?

Anyway nice stuff.. I want to order at least two but I am worried about how the system will tighten firmly and hold to the lens.. I guess i will have to buy one and see how it behaves? Or you could have a little video to show us how the finish product work? Thank you..

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