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OK Go & Challenging the Status Quo

OK Go & Challenging the Status Quo

Ok Go released their new music video this morning for their song "The One Moment" and we at Broken Anchor Design are seriously impressed! While many pop music video's seem to operate within the usual framework of lip syncing to the music, in some predictable setting with a broadway musical-esque band of backup singers and dancers, OK Go has stepped outside the box to challenge conventional creativity.

In their Behind The Scenes video they talk about the meaning of the song being about living within a single moment, and how they wanted to capture the essence of that in their video. The entire video is shot in literally a single moment, about 4-5 seconds. The video is likely shot with a PhantomFlex at well over 1000fps, attached to large robotics arm and sequenced to ultra-precise movements. The footage is then played back and a standard frame rate to match the song's length. The super slow-motion is contrasted against things like the flip book in the opening scene which creates a juxtaposition between a real-time experience and the surreal framework of slow motion. The result is a cinematic masterpiece.



At Broken Anchor Design we admire one thing above all else, creative thinking! Our vision as a company is to create amazing things, for the people, who create amazing things. While our product was not used in this production, OK Go has given us those goosebumps of excitement, that constantly remind us of exactly why we love doing what we do; so that those out there willing to challenge convention and do something different, can do so!

BONUS: While we are on the subject of creative filmmaking, we should mention that this isn't the first time OK Go has stepped outside conventional thinking to make an amazing music video. Check out last years visual mind bender for "Upside Down & Inside Out" while you're at it.



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